Landscaping Done Right!

Landscaping adds a quality finish to your gardens and lawns. This is the key ingredient to increasing the resale value of your property. Proper landscaping and irrigation companies in Northern VA make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Our expert landscapers will chose the right plants and creating amazing garden patterns, building restriction walls and creating drainage systems. Properly maintained gardens make possible the love between man and nature. Who can resist a tranquil, well-groomed beautiful garden in front of a house or business premises? The beauty of your home starts from the exterior and our irrigation and landscaping services will help you make a good first and lasting impression.

Commercial Irrigation Reston VA

We are based in Reston Virginia and we specialize in commercial irrigation services. We offer designs, installations and repair to keep your lawns and landscapes looking great. We have experience and professional experts in water services and garden landscaping. We work with all types of sprinkler systems.


Our landscaping activities are aimed at keeping the garden healthy, clean and attractive. Using tools and equipment the gardener should be able to do regular weeding, uproot old gardens, tilling and planting. A gardener might also have to do regular fertilizing, lean care and maintenance, snow removal, irrigation and dealing with pests and diseases that affect garden plants. Having your garden landscaped will also enable vegetable gardens to provide food all year round, improve the beauty of your home and refresh the air around.

System installation and repairs

We professionally install irrigation systems to keep your gardens green all year round. This is an investment on your property that will enable your gardens look beautiful all the time. Installed sprinklers keep your garden lush and healthy without much hassle

Our properly installed systems will eliminate inefficient water usage by programmed timing on amount of watering. We have state of the art irrigation controllers that automatically measure the amount of water needed by the plants based on soil and weather conditions. This saves you the time burden of close attention.

Repairs on garden systems usually involve adding timers and drip system to the sprinklers. All the installations require knowledge of soil conditions and plant types for optimum beauty and yield. Our professionals will save you the time and effort for installation and repairs

Types of landscape irrigation systems

We have various types of irrigation system for your residential or commercial landscape. Our systems are affordable and best of all can reduce your water bill. Our systems are appropriate for home gardens, sports fields, golf courses, agricultural farms and recreational parks. The types of irrigation systems that will nourish your lawns, plants, flowers or vegetables in your kitchen garden all year round include:

• Sprinkler systems

• Rotary system

• Drip irrigation systems

• Centralized irrigation control system

• Underground hose irrigation systems

These systems ensure uniform water distribution on any size of landscape. Underground pipes beneath the surface of the landscape can help to ease drainage and remove water from the low areas which are prone to flooding and forming ponds. We also have all types of irrigation kits to install to your existing systems.

Landscape design

The beauty of your home starts from the outside and so if you want to make a good impression, you need professionals to provide you with good landscape designs. When choosing what works for you, consider perhaps the existing exterior design of your home so that the design of the gardens blends in smoothly. Our designers are available to carry out home consultation for custom landscape designs. You can get our experts to survey your home before agreeing on a viable design that can also work depending on the topography of your land. Our experts will install systems that accentuate the most mesmerizing element of your landscape.

DIY landscape design ideas

Flowers add warmth and beauty to your home. Plant gardens of different flowers; if you take pleasure in a green garden all seasons then installing a drought tolerant garden will give you the kind that kind of garden. The plants have deep tap roots, minimal foliage and protective coating against water loss. Pools and water features are also good to have in your lawns or gardens. Water does bring light and life even to the most boring space; bird baths or curving log fountains that include creative lighting can accentuate the beauty of your home or residential property.

Bollywood Songs of 2015-2016

The Top 3 Best Bollywood Songs of 2015

The music of India is as vibrant and diverse as the country itself. Today, the same music is recognized all over the world and cherished as an essential part of the Indian cultural experience. Here, the best Bollywood songs became classics in many nations all over the plant, which citizens got hooked to the energy and the irresistible flavor that defines it. As a part of the general Music of Bollywood, the idea of Hindi, Bollywood EDM DJ Remixes and dance Music is not new by any means but represents one of the most popular aspects of this production industry. Here, thanks to the effect of the Bollywood films, which India produces well over a thousand releases each year, the music of the same genre began to spread and diversify in the early 2000’s. At that period, the impact that the films had started to spread outside of India itself. This meant that from that point on, these films began to be seen as a part of the world’s stage. Soon, it began to be known under the term Hindi Dance Music and this allowed it to take its place alongside other versions of EDM, or electronic dance music.

In the subsequent years, Indian producers and DJ started to experiment with their classic forms. This allowed it to further overcome any barriers and set itself up as the biggest growing music market in the world. Other non-Indian musician began to employ the same approach, giving their music a distinctively Bollywood dance feel. These include Bollywood remixes, but also a completely fresh entrance into the domains of trance music and many other fields that were hugely enriched with the Hindi Dance Music approach. 2015 was one of the most vibrant years for this music industry and it brought about many great tunes. During the same period, some DJ really took off to great heights and became household names all over the world. Here are the three best Bollywood songs that came out over the course of this fantastic year for Hindi EDM.

3. Sooraj Dooba Hai – Roy Uplifting and dynamic, this tune combines Hindi and English but offers a full summer festival feel to its strong EDM bassline track. In fact, many saw the same song as the quintessential uplifting tune of 2015. With a fantastic video, it is no wonder that this song became one of the biggest hits of the year. 2. Dard Karara – Dum Laga Ke Haisha A lot more in line with the standard vintage Hindi Dance Music style, this song begins slowly, but then quickly manages to push up the tune’s pacing. Its video features great choreography, a vibrant male vocal, and a soft female complimentary singer, allowing for an instant hit. This is probably one of the EDM Hindi songs that will last a lot longer than just 2015. 1. Chittiyan Kalaiyaan – Roy Completely international, both the song and the video offered a huge hit in 2015 with more than 40 million views on YT. The catchy tune that the song features might not scream EDM, but it has definitely caught the attention of the audience. With an instantly appealing groove, this song really rocked the year with its addictive beat. With these three best Bollywood songs anyone can hear for themselves how truly excellent the Hindi EDM scene has become.

DC Landmarks

vietnam war

Visiting DC’s Finest Landmarks

There is just so much of Washington to see and just so little time. This especially applies if you are only visiting for 48 hours. You may be on a business trip or a sightseeing trip and this city offers a lot to see. You may consider Museum Tours in DC or a visit to the National Mall. If you need a ride to DC look on Google to find transportation from IAD to DCA or to BWI and you will be able to do all these and then take a snapshot of the White House once you safely get from the airport into DC. Spending an evening in Columbia Heights or Georgetown will give you a view of how the city ticks. If you are to make the most of your trip and see as much as possible, you will have to have a fast paced itinerary that gets you around in the shortest possible time.

Peeking into the political heart of America can be a delightful and rewarding experience. Most of the city’s museums are open from 10am to 5.30pm daily and admission is free. Lincoln Memorial at the west end of the National Mall is a perfect anchor. Just a visit and to the this stony dignity and engraved speeches in the walls can be a defining moment at the reflecting pool. Then there is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a low-sloping black SUV’ that cuts into the Mall and the American psyche. This ‘Wall’ is inscribed with the names of some 58,000 casualties of the Vietnam War, and is one of the most moving pieces of architecture in the USA.

Regardless of how many times you have seen it on TV, when you see it with your own eyes for the first time, from your DC Limo, you’ll gasp. It screams pomp and dignity. This is the home of the president. On dark winter nights it appears ghostly and luminescent. However, it is still a home and every one of the former occupants have added their own touches. The visitor center will give you a good idea what it is all about. The National Museum of Natural History contains every kid and adults favorite things, including the Hope diamond, which is supposedly cursed.

There are several great places to eat like Founding Farmers in the White House area. Here you can expect Buttermilk fried chicken and waffles or zesty pork and lentil stew. This combination of modern and cool-rustic art is hidden behind a frosty decor of pickled goods in jars. Be whisked away to one of the most recognizable icons in the geographic center if the city, the Capitol. This 288ft dome will wrap itself around all your DC memories even if you have never been here. The Capital is an image owned by all Americans in the same way as the New York skyline and the White House. You could say this grand building sweats history!

Let your DC Limo drive you to Ben’s Chili Bowl on U St is a DC landmark. This where you can find DC’s meatier, smokier version of the hot dog, slathered in chili and mustard. Only the Obamas and Bill Cosby have ever eaten here free, while Supreme Court justices, movie stars and presidents have indulged in this humble diner for almost sixty years.

Travel Around DC in Style!

Nature Photography

Explore Washington DC in Style By Using A Private Rented Limousine

Washington DC is not only one of the most interesting cities in the United States that millions of people visit every year, but at the same time it’s also a place where there are dozens of monuments you can visit in order to learn more about its history. And while some people will choose to tour Washington using a tour bus, if you really want to have a one of a kind experience, then considering a Limousine Service Washington DC is the only way to get it.

Longer stopovers

Compared to tour buses that only make short stopovers only at a predetermined list of monuments and memorials, when you rent a private limousine you are the one who decides how long you want to admire a specific monument and the next memorial you want to visit, so you don’t need to worry about anyone nagging you that it’s time to go. This gives you the freedom and the peace of mind you need to feel great and take as many photos as you want.

Travel in style

There’s a very big difference between traveling in a bus or a cab and exploring your favorite monuments in DC using a luxurious limousine. For instance, buses are generally crowded with people who may be loud or annoying, while taxis can be pretty smelly, not to mention the fact that some drivers cuss or talk loudly. If these are things you cannot put up with, a private limousine the best way to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious and refreshing time until you get to your destination. You can also put some good music on and enjoy a glass of champagne, which helps you cool off and arrive rested and with a good mood to your chosen destination.

Taking shortcuts

While tour buses will need to follow a certain path, therefore affecting the time it takes to reach the destination, a limo can always take shortcuts to ensure that you reach your favorite tourist attractions as soon as possible. And since most limo drivers know the city very well, they know what paths to take in order to avoid traffic which may otherwise make you feel irritated and angry.



Need a Sedan to Take You To Lunch?

Use a Sedan Service for Lunch Meetings; Build A Strong Corporate Image

Among the most vital aspects of any business would be a neat corporate image. The image you hold will be a reflection of what people do think about you and your enterprise holdings. Having a good image leads to good business operations while a bad or considerably substandard image can make people doubt your business. For starters, an effective way to maintain a good image as an entrepreneur in the metropolitan is to be punctual and to wear respectability in every lunch meeting that you set with your clients. There’s no better way to do that than to have a DC sedan service by your side.

The Essentials of a DC Sedan Service

Just think about two comparable businesses operating within their limits. Both of them are taking the same amount of clients while performing similar work. Where they differ is when they have to handle business travels around the local area. Businessman picks up a client from the airport for lunch using his own vehicle. The other one, however, relies on being transported by a chauffeur with a sedan. Whom do you think is able to make a much better and respectable image? The latter, of course.

Transportation is More Than Just About Getting from X to Y

Transportation is simply about how you get from one place to another and how you look during transit. That basically does a certain effect to your image. If you noticed, a sedan service can fully enhance your business image better than you think it does. The purpose can also go beyond the scope of your stylish and quick travel. You can also tell your clients that a chauffeur is waiting to drive them back to the hotel they’re staying at or to their own metropolitan office. Lunch meetings will therefore be a success with this kind of transport service since it draws a good impression from your clients and business partners.


A-Town Dining Choices

Dine Out In A-Town

The latest craft beer trend has arrived in Arlington, and its restaurants have been ready to give it their full support. This is part of the reason why many people will be interested in finding out more information about the different types of choices that they can secure along the way. Anyone new to the area will be interested in finding out more information about some of the different types of choices that they have available. Most people will also want to just make sure that they are supporting these craft beer trends over time. This can be a great way for them to just enjoy what the community has to offer.

There are a few ways that locals can support the best restaurants in Arlington VA. Many of them will be putting on special events and other major occasions out there. This is part of the reason why the city has become well know for offering people a full range of options when they want to test out craft beers in the area. The growing craft beer scene has been helping draw in many visitors from the area, which has also added to the overall appeal of the restaurants here.

When searching for the top restaurants in the area, many new residents will want to read through some consumer reviews. These will help people find out more information about the different types of craft beers that are on tap at the restaurant itself. This will also ensure that people simply learn more about how they can sample some of these beers and learn more about what they have to offer. It may be important for some to think about how they try out the best tasting bar food around, which will pair excellently with the beer on tap at these restaurants.

Brunch To Die For!



Brunch is rapidly becoming a popular new option for young people these days. Many working professionals choose to stop off for brunch before they start their day. It can even be a great choice for students who want to get something before going to class. There are some great options opening up all over the place, but many people will want to find the best brunch in Arlington VA. If anyone is new to the idea of brunch, they may want to get a rundown of the services that are offered here. This can help people find the best all around spot for brunch in the city.

The basic idea behind this meal is that it combines both breakfast and lunch. Guests will have a greater amount of freedom to choose what they want, which is often an appealing feature. They may want to start the day off light by just drinking coffee or having sliced fruit. There are also many other excellent beverage options, including mimosas that are made fresh daily. Most people will want to try to find a restaurant that will serve an eclectic array of offerings to people throughout the day. This will give people the chance that they need to make the best pick for their needs.

There are restaurants that will go out of their way to make this a special event for everyone involved. They may be playing live music or hosting other major events that will make this brunch special. They will also offer newspapers and free internet connections for many people headed in to the area. This will give guests the opportunity that they need to simply learn more about what kind of options that they have. Some people may want to read customer reviews, since this will help them form a clear picture of what they might find here.

Sneaker Heads Loosing Their Minds Over New Shoes


Shoe Laces, Sneaker Heads, and Expensive Basketball Shoes

No one knows exactly where the term “sneaker head” was coined from. Hell, half of the people in the world have probably never heard of this term. But whether your realize it or not, you have seen these individuals out and about at your local mall, movie theater, and clothing stores. What is the definition of a sneaker head? Sneaker heads, sneaker connoisseurs, and sneaker fanatics are typically the same thing. They are probably 18-40 years old, wearing some of the hottest, newest shoes on the market, complete with shoe laces, custom socks, and a style that entirely compliments itself. They are traditionally known for their undying love of the shoe industry, designs, accessories and more. It is not uncommon to see these fanatics camping outside of shoe retailers such as Foot Locker and Finish Line just to get a pair of the hottest new release.

Upon purchase of the new release, such as a pair of Jordans, Lebrons, Kobe Bryants, or other high end shoe which is typically worth more than $200, they will go out and accessorize. This includes matching shirts, outfits, hats, shoe laces, socks, jerseys and much more. Some stores even go as far as to match the colors and brands exactly with the releases so that the buyer has a complete wardrobe based around the colors, shades, and materials of the highly anticipated shoe release.

It is sad to say but the trend has become so popular that criminals have become hip to the high prices and values associated with the releases. Because there are so few shoes released per store, sometimes as little as 20 shoes of various sizes per location, people camp out, and often get robbed as the shoes can fetch thousands of dollars on ebay and message boards within the first 48 hours of sales.

Need To Get around DC?


Limo Fun in The City

For anyone looking to travel in style, a limo may be their best bet. They will likely want to think about how they can rent out the best all around Best limousine service in DC businesses can provide to them. Travelers should think about checking out the amenities offered by these vehicles ahead of time. This will give everyone the opportunity that they need to simply find out more about the specific service itself. These limos will actually offer a surprising amount of luxury that every will want to enjoy. Travelers may want to check out how they can get leather seats and a big screen television for their trip.

If they want to get the best all around service in the DC area, then travelers will need to keep a couple points in mind. They will need to decide why they’re traveling and where they want to go in the city. If they are able to do this, then travelers will be able to find out more information about the best service deals that they can find. These service providers will be able to offer advice on the right limo service that people can get. Travelers should consider whether they can actually find out more information about the different types of service packages that will fit in with these programs.

When booking the right kind of trip, people will be interested in how they can work with a service team in their area soon. They should ideally be well suited to helping people find out more information about the greater DC area. This will help people make sure that they are just stopping off at the right locations on their trip. Visitors may want to make sure that they are working with an experienced team that understands how this process can work. By booking through the best all around limousine service DC businesses can offer, they will be impressed by the results that they see.

Party Bus Time

Big Party’s On A Bus

Choosing the best party bus in DC may be a matter of personal preference, but there are some key features to look for going forward. Most everyone will want to check out how they can get the best party bus that will suit the needs of their group. Guests in the city will likely want to find a company that will have the experience necessary to create a memorable event for everyone. Most people will be impressed by the full array of options that they have going forward. But it will be up to visitors to choose the right kinds of services for their needs.

Some people may want to think about how they can actually work with the right service provider who can offer a customer experience. It will be up to people to simply identify the right kind of trip going forward. Bus organizers will want to try to host large groups of people and give them the guidance that they need going forward. Most people will appreciate that they can tour some of DC’s top rated night life venues. Most visitors will want to time their trip to coincide with some of the major events that are held in the area as well.

When looking to customize this kind of trip, most people will want to consider some of the party features that they can have installed. Most people will want to serve all kinds of alcohol on the bus, since this can add to the overall level of excitement. There are a few different types of nightlife options that people can consider as well. They may want to integrate these stops as the bus maneuvers throughout the city. The bus can even hold staff members that can help manage the experience and keep everyone having a great time.