Sneaker Heads Loosing Their Minds Over New Shoes


Shoe Laces, Sneaker Heads, and Expensive Basketball Shoes

No one knows exactly where the term “sneaker head” was coined from. Hell, half of the people in the world have probably never heard of this term. But whether your realize it or not, you have seen these individuals out and about at your local mall, movie theater, and clothing stores. What is the definition of a sneaker head? Sneaker heads, sneaker connoisseurs, and sneaker fanatics are typically the same thing. They are probably 18-40 years old, wearing some of the hottest, newest shoes on the market, complete with shoe laces, custom socks, and a style that entirely compliments itself. They are traditionally known for their undying love of the shoe industry, designs, accessories and more. It is not uncommon to see these fanatics camping outside of shoe retailers such as Foot Locker and Finish Line just to get a pair of the hottest new release.

Upon purchase of the new release, such as a pair of Jordans, Lebrons, Kobe Bryants, or other high end shoe which is typically worth more than $200, they will go out and accessorize. This includes matching shirts, outfits, hats, shoe laces, socks, jerseys and much more. Some stores even go as far as to match the colors and brands exactly with the releases so that the buyer has a complete wardrobe based around the colors, shades, and materials of the highly anticipated shoe release.

It is sad to say but the trend has become so popular that criminals have become hip to the high prices and values associated with the releases. Because there are so few shoes released per store, sometimes as little as 20 shoes of various sizes per location, people camp out, and often get robbed as the shoes can fetch thousands of dollars on ebay and message boards within the first 48 hours of sales.