Bollywood Songs of 2015-2016

The Top 3 Best Bollywood Songs of 2015

The music of India is as vibrant and diverse as the country itself. Today, the same music is recognized all over the world and cherished as an essential part of the Indian cultural experience. Here, the best Bollywood songs became classics in many nations all over the plant, which citizens got hooked to the energy and the irresistible flavor that defines it. As a part of the general Music of Bollywood, the idea of Hindi, Bollywood EDM DJ Remixes and dance Music is not new by any means but represents one of the most popular aspects of this production industry. Here, thanks to the effect of the Bollywood films, which India produces well over a thousand releases each year, the music of the same genre began to spread and diversify in the early 2000’s. At that period, the impact that the films had started to spread outside of India itself. This meant that from that point on, these films began to be seen as a part of the world’s stage. Soon, it began to be known under the term Hindi Dance Music and this allowed it to take its place alongside other versions of EDM, or electronic dance music.

In the subsequent years, Indian producers and DJ started to experiment with their classic forms. This allowed it to further overcome any barriers and set itself up as the biggest growing music market in the world. Other non-Indian musician began to employ the same approach, giving their music a distinctively Bollywood dance feel. These include Bollywood remixes, but also a completely fresh entrance into the domains of trance music and many other fields that were hugely enriched with the Hindi Dance Music approach. 2015 was one of the most vibrant years for this music industry and it brought about many great tunes. During the same period, some DJ really took off to great heights and became household names all over the world. Here are the three best Bollywood songs that came out over the course of this fantastic year for Hindi EDM.

3. Sooraj Dooba Hai – Roy Uplifting and dynamic, this tune combines Hindi and English but offers a full summer festival feel to its strong EDM bassline track. In fact, many saw the same song as the quintessential uplifting tune of 2015. With a fantastic video, it is no wonder that this song became one of the biggest hits of the year. 2. Dard Karara – Dum Laga Ke Haisha A lot more in line with the standard vintage Hindi Dance Music style, this song begins slowly, but then quickly manages to push up the tune’s pacing. Its video features great choreography, a vibrant male vocal, and a soft female complimentary singer, allowing for an instant hit. This is probably one of the EDM Hindi songs that will last a lot longer than just 2015. 1. Chittiyan Kalaiyaan – Roy Completely international, both the song and the video offered a huge hit in 2015 with more than 40 million views on YT. The catchy tune that the song features might not scream EDM, but it has definitely caught the attention of the audience. With an instantly appealing groove, this song really rocked the year with its addictive beat. With these three best Bollywood songs anyone can hear for themselves how truly excellent the Hindi EDM scene has become.