Landscaping Done Right!

Landscaping adds a quality finish to your gardens and lawns. This is the key ingredient to increasing the resale value of your property. Proper landscaping and irrigation companies in Northern VA make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. Our expert landscapers will chose the right plants and creating amazing garden patterns, building restriction walls and creating drainage systems. Properly maintained gardens make possible the love between man and nature. Who can resist a tranquil, well-groomed beautiful garden in front of a house or business premises? The beauty of your home starts from the exterior and our irrigation and landscaping services will help you make a good first and lasting impression.

Commercial Irrigation Reston VA

We are based in Reston Virginia and we specialize in commercial irrigation services. We offer designs, installations and repair to keep your lawns and landscapes looking great. We have experience and professional experts in water services and garden landscaping. We work with all types of sprinkler systems.


Our landscaping activities are aimed at keeping the garden healthy, clean and attractive. Using tools and equipment the gardener should be able to do regular weeding, uproot old gardens, tilling and planting. A gardener might also have to do regular fertilizing, lean care and maintenance, snow removal, irrigation and dealing with pests and diseases that affect garden plants. Having your garden landscaped will also enable vegetable gardens to provide food all year round, improve the beauty of your home and refresh the air around.

System installation and repairs

We professionally install irrigation systems to keep your gardens green all year round. This is an investment on your property that will enable your gardens look beautiful all the time. Installed sprinklers keep your garden lush and healthy without much hassle

Our properly installed systems will eliminate inefficient water usage by programmed timing on amount of watering. We have state of the art irrigation controllers that automatically measure the amount of water needed by the plants based on soil and weather conditions. This saves you the time burden of close attention.

Repairs on garden systems usually involve adding timers and drip system to the sprinklers. All the installations require knowledge of soil conditions and plant types for optimum beauty and yield. Our professionals will save you the time and effort for installation and repairs

Types of landscape irrigation systems

We have various types of irrigation system for your residential or commercial landscape. Our systems are affordable and best of all can reduce your water bill. Our systems are appropriate for home gardens, sports fields, golf courses, agricultural farms and recreational parks. The types of irrigation systems that will nourish your lawns, plants, flowers or vegetables in your kitchen garden all year round include:

• Sprinkler systems

• Rotary system

• Drip irrigation systems

• Centralized irrigation control system

• Underground hose irrigation systems

These systems ensure uniform water distribution on any size of landscape. Underground pipes beneath the surface of the landscape can help to ease drainage and remove water from the low areas which are prone to flooding and forming ponds. We also have all types of irrigation kits to install to your existing systems.

Landscape design

The beauty of your home starts from the outside and so if you want to make a good impression, you need professionals to provide you with good landscape designs. When choosing what works for you, consider perhaps the existing exterior design of your home so that the design of the gardens blends in smoothly. Our designers are available to carry out home consultation for custom landscape designs. You can get our experts to survey your home before agreeing on a viable design that can also work depending on the topography of your land. Our experts will install systems that accentuate the most mesmerizing element of your landscape.

DIY landscape design ideas

Flowers add warmth and beauty to your home. Plant gardens of different flowers; if you take pleasure in a green garden all seasons then installing a drought tolerant garden will give you the kind that kind of garden. The plants have deep tap roots, minimal foliage and protective coating against water loss. Pools and water features are also good to have in your lawns or gardens. Water does bring light and life even to the most boring space; bird baths or curving log fountains that include creative lighting can accentuate the beauty of your home or residential property.